May 8, 2015

Modern Shanghai and their Grand Dine-asty line up!

Chinese food is one cuisine that I truly enjoy having. You can probably chalk it up to my mom being part Chinese. Yeah, it doesn’t seem to show in my physical features, but it’s defintely evident when I eat Chinese food… I savor and enjoy every sip and every bite.
So, when I got an invite to dine at Modern Shanghai, without batting an eyelash, I immediately said YES!
Modern Shanghai is a franchise from Hong Kong that serves authentic Chinese cuisine in a casual dining set-up.
Upon entering, these floating lotus lamps immediately got my attention! For some weird reason, it personally seemed to give off a hypnotic vibe, making me want to take pictures of it… not once, not twice, not even three times! When I checked my camera, I took about 10 shots of it. LOL!
The entire restaurant was spacious and featured brown hues all around, giving the place a relaxing feel.
The Modern Shanghai Grand Dine-asty
As for Modern Shanghai’s offerings, it was truly a gastronomic journey with the launch of their Grand Dine-asty! Their new dishes have deeply rooted historical significance in various parts of China – from the province of Guangdong to the coastal province of Shangdong using traditional ingredients and cooking methods to preserve its authenticity.
Let’s start our Grand Dine-asty tour with this Modern Shanghai Clay Pot Tofu (Php348.00).
Inspired by Southern China’s masterful clay pot cooking using only the freshest ingredients – Tofu, Bok Choy and Shrimps, my 3 fave elements in one incredible dish. Nice balance between the sauce and the ingredients. The sauce has a nice solid flavor, too. Thumbs up!
Then came the Birthday Noodles (Php298.00).
A symbol of long life in Chinese culture and traditionally served during birthdays and Chinese New Year. I am a huge noodle eater! For me, any noodle dish is comfort food and Modern Shanghai’s Birthday Noodles is one of the tastiest dishes served to us. They did not scrimp on the ingredients, the vegetables retained its crunch and the noodles were cooked properly with a very savory sauce. Take one bite and you’ll agree. Dee-lee-cious!
Another great dish from Modern Shanghai is their Soup Noodles with Braised Beef in Brown Sauce (Php348.00).
Simple and light but with amazing flavor that is so spot on which gets its appetizing aroma from anise! The hand-pulled noodles were cooked in the right doneness and the braised beef was fork tender. I paired this with the Cantonese Sponge Cake and enjoyed the combination! This is the perfect companion on a rainy day or during times when you are under the weather.
Cantonese Sponge Cake (Php128.00)
This sponge cake reminds me of those old-time nostalgic cakes that a grandma would normally bake… Fluffy, light and with just the right amount of sweetness. No-frills and very filling, served in a miniature bamboo steamer. A perfect side dish to partner with any soup dish.
2pcs. Old Fashioned Shandong Buns (Php128.00)
If you are familiar with Cua Pao or have eaten one before, this is somewhat similar to that. The bun is soft and moist with filling made of tasty minced meat and veggies. The buns have a bit of sweetness and are steamed-fried. Good stuff! This is a beloved snack from the coastal province of Shangdong.
To finish off all the savory dishes, we had Buchi in 2 kinds of special flavors:
4 pcs. Cookies and Cream (Php208.00)
4pcs. Chocolate (Php188.00)
Modern Shanghai was gracious enough to serve us some of their bestsellers, too. Of course their Signature Xiao Long Bao (Php198.00) should not be missed.
I think I had a lot of this! Burp!
Another Modern Shanghai signature dish is this Shangdong Style Shredded Chicken (Php328.00).
This specialty is most definitely one tasty chicken with or without the sauce!
When at Modern Shanghai, don’t forget to order their Blooming Tea.
Peaceful Garden Chrysanthemum and Jasmine (Php128.00)
A combination of Chrysanthemum and Jasmine teas that bloom when submerged in hot water. It takes a little bit of time before the tea fully blooms, but once it does, you’ll be absolutely amazed! What a beautiful Peaceful Garden Blooming Tea! It is very soothing and oh so pretty to look at!
When it comes down to price, Modern Shanghai dishes are not bad at all. In fact, it is perfect for people on a tight budget but want to experience great tasting and well-presented food. It sure beats heading to fast-food joints or mediocre restaurants.
Hungry already? Check out Modern Shanghai and let me know which of the dishes you enjoyed eating. Or, if you decided to order something else, let me know, too, so I can try it out on my next visit!
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