Seafood Festival

The bounty of the sea goes straight to your plate to please your seafood-loving palate as MODERN SHANGHAI launches its “Seafood Festival.” Catch a fresh wave of new dishes, the flavors of which are reminiscent of classic and authentic Chinese cuisine.

If you and you’re family are fishing for some new items to try, kick off the feast with Seafood Spring Rolls as a refreshing starter. Another popular Chinese dimsum and delicacy is the Deep Fried Squid with Tentacles; so Modern Shanghai gives you the option to sink your teeth into these crispy bites like you would any dimsum or enjoy it with other entrees.

Then catch some fish dishes such as the Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce, Hongkong Style Fish Fillet and Braised Fish Fillet.

One cannot imagine seafood entrees without shrimps because they enjoy a special place in Chinese cuisine. At Modern Shanghai, shrimps are served either deep fried or steamed. Try the Deep fried Shrimp with Salt and Pepper. Coated with full flavor, these crunchy shrimps can make for an excellent appetizer or even as a main course. Snack on them or have them with rice to enjoy their salty crispy and tender flavors, shell-on.

Modern Shanghai has also come up with another decadent dish called the Shrimp with Preserved Egg Yolk Paste. The shrimps are pan-fried and coated in rich and indulgent egg yolk paste, then placed atop a luxurious melt-in-your-mouth sauce. You may get an extra serving of Modern Shanghai Fried Rice for that. But if you fancy a lighter dish, try the Steamed Shrimps.

From something light and easy, to salty and crispy, Modern Shanghai’s “Seafood Festival” offers dishes that you can add to the list of your all-time Chinese fare. Catch the freshest wave of seafood dishes and be ready to feast!

Modern Shanghai is located at 2nd Floor, North Veranda, Entertainment Mall, SM MOA.

Authentic Shanghainese Cuisine

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