• A Taste of Tradition Steamed to Perfection

  • Modern Shang brings home-cooked flavors to you in a cozy, modern setting. Prepare to taste the best of authentic Chinese cuisine.


Experience the true essence of Chinese cuisine with our diverse collection of regional Chinese dishes. Inspired by original recipes, our authentic dishes bring you heartwarming flavors in a casual, home-like atmosphere. Enjoy flavorful, hearty meals that bring you back to cherished memories.

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Savor our Main Dishes

We aim to present to you quality, innovative dishes inspired by Beijing, Sichuan and Shanghai’s cuisine. At the heart of it all, we want to give you a delightful experience on your every visit.

  • Chicken & Seafood

  • Pork & Beef

  • Vegetables

  • Noodles

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  • Signature Bundles

  • Emperor's Feast

  • Shanghai Wok Bowls

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